When a demanding and challenging project requires Structural Steel Fabrication, clients’ turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their requirements. As the recognized industry leader in fabrication, and erection of structural steel throughout the area the core priority of our company is to successfully exceed client expectation by focusing innovation, knowledge and commitment on every commercial, industrial and public structure we assemble.

Quality Steel, Inc. is an AISC Certified Fabrication facility, which is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We have been in business for over 20 years and are proud to offer our customers the best service in the area. We have enjoyed building our community and have built a strong reputation with our customers by providing them with the best Quality Service Available.

Quality Steel, Inc, owns and operates all of it’s own equipment; such as cranes, trucks, forklifts and boom trucks, thus keeping our control on our project costs. This has helped in not only getting our jobs done on time, and on budget, but also in safety. Therefore we know that our employees have been trained to the current safety standards; and we have an outstanding safety record to show for it!

You will find Quality Steel, Inc., to be the most innovative, responsive and customer focused organization in the industry.

So why don’t you give us a try, you’ll be glad you did.




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